November 21, 2014


First assignment for CGTarian's A Character Close-up animation course with Mike Safianoff

February 10, 2014

My speech

This was my second assignment for WS5 with the amazingly awesome Mike Safianoff. Another comedy shot to finish a super fun workshop and one that had me struggling quite a lot too. I animated it wit a layered workflow and went through a lot of pain and suffering getting the weight shifts right and exaggerating my poses. I'm rather happy with it overall, I'd push some things and polish some others a bit more, but it's already rendered and people seem to like it so on to new things.

December 5, 2013

Butter Fingers

This was my first assignment for WS5 with Mike Safianoff. Since all mi WS4 shots were dead serious I went for some physical comedy and actually had a lot of fun with it! It was nice to experiment with some camera animation, and it's the first shot I've made using a 100% layered approach too.

October 8, 2013

Train Chase

This is a sequence that started as my last assignment for WS3 and then grew bigger while I was taking WS4. So now it's an incomplete 20 seconds action sequence that I'll probably never finish because by now I'd have to redo the whole thing to be mildly happy about it. But I guess it deserves to be mentioned in the blog, plus I just added a fancy music score to it to compensate for the unfinished animation!

April 25, 2013

If you don't love me

This was my second assignment for WS4. It was by far the most challenging shot I have ever done, so it was a long, scary and painful process to get it done, but very gratifying in the end. I'm still on the fence on whether it was more gratifying than painful or the other way around, but the shot is rendered and on vimeo so my mindset should be to do more and worry less. Anyhow, I like the final result and it's great to have ended WS4 with two nicely rendered shots! I'm also digging the 2.35:1 super widescreen cinema look so I'll probably stick with it for my next assignments.

iA WS4 Progress Reel

So WS4 went by before I could even notice it. I had a blast, my instructor Jacob Gardner is beyond awesome and I don't entirely hate the shots I got done so balance is definitely positive! Lots of WIPs in this reel for now, I'll get them updated sometime soon.
There's still so much stuff to learn and a looong way to go, but I'm focused and highly motivated so bring it on WS5! (but be gentle)

March 26, 2013

Wonder about my fate

First dialogue stuff from iA! (and first rendered stuff too) This is my first assignment for WS4, my instructor is DW animator Jacob Gardner and he's AWESOME! Two more weeks and the workshop is over, which is kind of sad, but I enjoyed every second of it! I'm still polishing my second shot and putting together my progress reel for this block, and there's a WS3 action sequence I want to polish and render over the break so there's a lot to keep me busy until WS5 starts!

March 25, 2013


This is about 7 months old but I realized I forgot to mention it on the blog so here it is. It's a pilot for a show I worked on at Remo Studio for Nickelodeon latam. I did character design, storyboards and animatic, modeling, rigging and about half of the animation in it. I guess I can rightfully call myself a generalist by now, despite my efforts to narrow my focus down to animation (with a cup of rigging).
It was a fun project and I'm happy to have been a part of it, which is actually part of the charm of Remo: it's a fun place to work at.