August 31, 2012

iAnimate WS3!

I submitted my reel and got accepted into iAnimate's WS 3! You even get the news from Jason Ryan himself, how cool is that? And the semester starts September 3rd, so I hardly have to wait at all!
I only hope my eyes don't fall off 'cause I'm not planning on taking breaks.

August 30, 2012

"Discuss My Sex Life" Dialogue Test

First post in english! (or second one, actually). This is both a personal animation exercise and the first test of a rig I made for a short film I'm working on at Remo Studio.
That short film was going to be my thesis in the first place, but for more than one reason it ended up stored in a dusty corner of my computer (and my heart). Luckily the guys at Remo liked the script and the stuff I had already made (mostly character designs, modeling, bits of rigging and mel...) and offered to bring the project back to life.

The character is actually male, but I had been wanting to use this dialogue line for a long time, so his first public appearance ends up being in a female form. There's gonna be an entire short film about him as a guy anyway, so he'll be alright. And the rig works like a charm too, so thumbs up for that as well!

If everything goes as planned, I'll be posting a lot more about this in the near future. This one is a project I'm really excited about, specially since I know what the crew at Remo can -and certainly will- create from it!