March 25, 2013

iAnimate WS3 progress reel

Ok, so I'm almost trough with WS4 by now, but I never made any updates on the blog so first things first, WS3 is done!
This is my progress reel for WS3, my instructor was DW animator Manuel Aparicio. Most shots are not 100% done, but the purpose of progress reels isn't to show finished work, but progress. So there are lots of imperfections here and there, and an incomplete action sequence that I'm still working on, but this is the progress reel I submitted by the end of WS3.
I've been at iAnimate for 6 months now and it has been an amazing experience so far. I feel I've grown a ton in just 6 months, and got to meet some incredibly talented people from all over the world, so I couldn't be happier right now!
I'll try to post my iA stuff more often on the blog, but we all know I'm a lazy blogger so don't keep your hopes up. Let's just say I like to add a dose of suspense to my blogging, it's part of being a story-teller you know? Or perhaps euphemisms just help me avoid the guilt. Anyway, I'm really glad if you read this blog and really sorry for not keeping it up to date very often!

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